Whale shark Safari

"Rhincodon typus" whale shark is known as one of the biggest fishes on earth.

It can measure up to 15 meters long although most vary between 4 and 12 meters.

It is seen in Nosy Be waters between October and December.
At other times it may be encountered while diving.

It is a sea giant that usually feeds on plancton and krill, occasionnally on small shellfishes and fishes. It filters water with food and expulses it afterwards.
The shark whale can swallow up to one ton of food a day. It is ovoviviparous as certain specieses of whales (nurse shark). The fœtus grows in an egg and leaves it before being delivered.
The mother can hold up to 300 eggs.

Shark whales migrate on long distances searching for lots of plancton in temperate and warm waters.
They can cover thousands of kilometers in a few weeks or months time.

They are quite calm and friendly to man.
They usually swim near surface. One can therefore swim nearby with a mask and tuba.

The only known predators are orcs and man. Its flesh and fins are very much sought after by Chinease using dreadful hunting methods.

Safari program :

tony sur la trace du rorqual de bryde
Departure from Ampangorina or your hotel at 8.00 am.

Looking for and watching whale shark the whole morning.

Meal on Sakatia island (traditional food).

Snorkeling with giant turtles around Sakatia island.

Rate: 60 € / person

Departure from Ampangorina village

Food and water included

+ 10 €/person if departure from hotel in Nosy Komba outside Ampangorina

1,50 € of the amount is given to " l'île aux enfants " school in Tananarive.