Whale Safari

In the Antartic ocean, humpback whales feed on krill during austral summer months and then move thousands of kilometers away towards warm tropical waters of Nosy Be bay to breed and deliver.

Between August and November a spectacular show is given
whereby whales perform magnificent sexual parades.

Groups of males gather around a female and compete for hours. They try to seduce with jumps, hits with flippers and tail fins, assaults, raising above water and songs.

You may witness moving scenes between mother and offspring.
Time for raising starts in our area.

This is the time when the Safari Baleine team will lead you towards the whales in due respect of basic rules for watching without disturbing animals.

You may be fortunate to hear a male singing, which can be heard miles around.

Safari program :

Departure from Ampangorina or your hotel at 8.00 am.

Looking for and watching humpback whales the whole morning.

Meal on Sakatia island (traditional food).

Snorkeling with giant turtles around Sakatia island.

Rate : 65 € / person

Departure from Ampangorina village

Food and water included

+ 10 €/person if departure from hotel in Nosy Komba outside Ampangorina.

1,50 € of the amount is given to " l'île aux enfants " school in Tananarive.