Dolphin Safari

Dolphins can be found in the rich waters of Nosy Be et de Nosy Komba.

Hump dolphins, great dolphins and stenelle dolphins are present all year around.
Far from the seashore, they can be found in groups of a dozen or in smaller groups closer to the shore.
They are usually shy but love playing.

Largest numbers (stenelle) can be found at distance of the shore.
Very often they jump out of water and twist in the air beautifully.
They can be found occassionnaly when diving.
They dare come close to boats et play around the stem.

The great dolphin (tursiops) is present everywhere,
living in small groups, either close to the shore or at distance.

It is quite curious, and one of the rare dolphins whose swimming with him can take up to dozens of minutes.

Hump dolphins live in small groups near the shore, they are less curious and shyer, although loving to play when young.

Safari program :

tony sur la trace du rorqual de bryde
Departure from Ampangorina or your hotel at 8.00 am.

Looking for and watching dolphins the whole morning.

Meal on Sakatia island (traditional food).

Snorkeling with giant turtles around Sakatia island.

Rate: 55 € / person

Departure from Ampangorina village

Food and water included

+ 10 €/person if departure from hotel in Nosy Komba outside Ampangorina

1,50 € of the amount is given to " l'île aux enfants " school in Tananarive.