Bryde Rorqual Safari

One of the richest submarine life lies in the channel between Nosy Komba and Nosy Be. You will see there Bryde rorquals and whales all year around.

These shy whales rarely show their tail fins. Well stretched they may be 10 to 15 meters long and weigh between 15 and 20 tons.

It is one of the rare specieses not migrating to cold waters for food.
They adapt their feeding habit to eat krill and plancton as well as small fishes and planctonic shellfishes.

Bryde rorqual breeds in warm waters with a one year long gestation.

It can be seen all year around in the Nosy Be bay either alone or with an offspring, mouth open swallowing banks of plancton or small fishes.

Depending on the season, near those whales, a few Mobula rays (small manta) can also be seen, as well as dolphins,
humpback whales and shark whales.

We should always approach them quitely and respectfully.

Safari program :

tony sur la trace du rorqual de bryde
Departure from Ampangorina or your hotel at 8.00 am.

Looking for and watching Bryde whales the whole morning.

Meal on Sakatia island (traditional food).

Snorkeling with giant turtles around Sakatia island.

Rate: 60 € / person

Departure from Ampangorina village

Food and water included

+ 10 €/person if departure from hotel in Nosy Komba outside Ampangorina

1,50 € of the amount is given to " l'île aux enfants " school in Tananarive.